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How Does it Work? In 2012, California based company Aerofex released this video of tests depicting the hoverbike. Numerous media outlets are claiming that Aero-X is.Here’s a cool contraption you might want to put on your wishlist for Christmas 2017: American company Aerofex is set to release the Aero-X, one of the world’s.Hendo Hoverboard Aero-X Hoverbike. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems Inc. is the originator of high duration aviation oxygen systems. Our products are used by military and civil pilots worldwide.

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With the Hoverbike quadcopter drone-based Kickstarter project already a success, we took the opportunity to head down to the Malloy Aeronautics workshop to take a.California-based Aerofex made the dream of every 12-year-old boy (and, lets be honest, most warm-blooded men) come true when they demonstrated a working prototype of.

Where you’re going, there are no roads. That’s why you need the Aero-X, a vehicle that makes low-altitude flight realistic and.Safe, robust and easy to operate, the 1/3rd Hoverbike is a rugged-looking 4-propeller hovercraft which you can operate via a programmable microcontroller.

Just in time for Metro’s collapse: the hoverbike. a closely held Los Angeles company called Aerofex has produced a hoverbike called the Aero-X that,.Future motorcycles may be hoverbikes. First there was the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike and now UK company Malloy Aeronautics is building a solo-seater hoverbike.

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The Scorpion-3 combines quadcopter-drone technology with a traditional motorcycle design, resulting in an electric-powered hoverbike that can lift itself and a pilot.Capable of carrying up to 310 lbs, Aero-X is perfectly equipped to handle significant loads of fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds.Hoverbike to arrive in 2017. Hoverbike to arrive in 2017. skip to main content. come true when they demonstrated a working prototype of the Aero-X hoverbike.With a top speed of 45 miles per hour and a flying altitude of up to 10 feet off the ground, the Aero-X hoverbike is poised to kick-start an entire industry.

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Back in May we showed you the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike and now a UK company is building a solo-seater hoverbike. Malloy Aeronautics is gearing up to test its.We saw this and said exactly what you thought. “Is that a tricked out flip flip?” ell it isnt. Its the one bike that allows you to fly. The Aero-x hoverbike is.Thankfully, Aerofex has stepped up with its Aero-X, a hoverbike that is finally scheduled to launch in 2017.

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With its first agricultural test run scheduled for February 17th, Aero-X is designed to handle the rigors of consistent drops, making it perfect for crop spraying.What is the Aero-X? The Aero-X is an aerial all-terrain vehicle, literally. It is a surface effect vehicle, similar to a hovercraft. Like a hovercraft it uses the.

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The Aero-X hoverbike hovercycle HTD human transportation drone developed by by Aerofex in Los Angeles, California can seat up to two people. The hovercycle travels at.Well it just became reality with the opening of pre-orders for the Aero-X Hoverbike. Subscribe to receive Muted’s daily roundup of the best men's gear and buying.Engineering company Aerofex is about to blow your mind with its new invention, the Aero-X hover bike. The incredible vehicle can fly upwards of 10 feet off the ground.

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The Aero-X-Hoverbike will fly you around at a speed of up to 72mph Remember the film ‘Back to the Future’, when film writers were convinced that by no.The Aero-X is a hoverbike set for commercial sale in 2017. It is designed to carry up to two people. In fiction In the Star Wars universe,.It has the dual benefit of delivering targeting resources and at the same time, is able to strategically maneuver safely around operations workers.

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Aerofex hover bike goes on sale in 2017. Aero-X seats 2 and flies up to 3 metres above the ground. The Aero-X hover bike,.

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Culture Aerofex hoverbike could be yours by 2017. The Aero-X hoverbike from Aerofex is slated for a commercial release in 2017 for just $85,000. Chump.

The Aero-X hover bike, described as a “hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle,” can now be reserved for a refundable $5,000 US deposit from.The Aero-X reportedly won’t require a pilot’s license to operate, though individual states could require occupants to receive similar certification, in the same.In order to reap the benefits of a maximum crop yield, precise spraying of the fields is critical.

If you're looking for a cool way to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars sequels, allow us to present the Aero-X hover bike — well, you'll have to wait until 2017 to.A Californian company created the Aero-X that will let people reach speeds of 45mph (72km/h) while hovering up to 10ft (3metres) above the ground.Aerofex hover bike goes on sale in 2017. Aerofex says the hover bike is designed to bridge the gap between light. The Aero-X flies much higher because.If you've got some money to burn, we have a great idea for you. The Aerofex Aero-X hover-bike, which was originally shown off back in 2012, is now up for pre-order.

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Aero-X lets you pretend to hoverbike through the forests of Endor Two years ago, a company by the name of Aerofex fulfilled the dream of every man and woman’s inner.Finally, the future is here. Well, near. At least California-based Aerofex says it is regarding its Star Wars-esque Aero-X Hoverbike, a gravity-defying vehicle that.Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.In other words, this hoverbike comes with a full arsenal of bells and whistles.

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With the agility of a motorcycle and capable of carrying 310 lbs, the Aero-X uses Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) technology to control its flight patterns.Aero X hoverbike Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Aero X hoverbike Blogs, Comments and Archive News on.