Do check out if interested.there are only two posts yet and i am sure you will like it.DustinS: Jumping dash to ETH and back seems to be the way to go.VenomGhost: mariolakas, Please try this link: or a private browsing session.Watchtower: Kittybugball, Yes, lets try to add more information next.Watchtower: leveller, Clicking the name is the only way for now.:).

HaZeD: FatAlbert, big chinese people, roger ver, augur devs, etc.FolderOne: lookup, yeah who knows u might be billionaire one day.

But if you plan to get into them i would try to buy at lower prices than current ones.Olhado: Domino, online and have to give them the name of your first born.One of his hearings was postponed after the court considered Awkal mentally incompetent to assist in his defense and county psychiatrists pumped him with varying heavy prescriptions.Bed bug bite pictures showing the wide range of symptoms people experience – including these bed bug bite photos that demonstrate the stages of reaction from.We continue the theme of the use of blockchain (or distributed ledger) and rights management broadly construed. Assigned to Ascribe GMBH (DE), the first of today's.RLM: remember, markets can remain irrational much longer than you can stay solvent.Jok3Tim3: SouthEth, i was looking at the circulating supply for the top 3 cryptos. dash and btc jumped about 2000 coins but eth jumped like 30 thousand so many new coins.Browse Education, iPhone and Training content selected by the EdTech Update community.Sid183: uptown, yeah holding it for two months or something. prolly somethings gonna happen by then.

Dannymax333: valentino, you should have made 5 dash masternodes.Bigolas: andre.b.bandeira, Please file a support ticket at.All looks well here.Thank you.ChairmanDAO: Anti-Alts are the equivalent of Soros shills, except their paid for by BTCers.Arelowo: romanrk, romanrk same here dude. i gave up snd went all in at 30.Buddha: DASH has the crypto pyramid scheme perfected loltheBunk.Banhammer: Wyattiverson banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.TheRimCreaper: dash pump so unhealthy for crypto. lot of people gonna get hurt.ETCisthewinner: SouthEth, 500 million and volume no where near 100 million stop it.Banhammer: gambleocoin banned for 1 hours and 1 minutes by Watchtower.

Tradingview is a good one, go there to analyze chart data in more detail.Smersh: I have had some cases where I trasnfer btc worth 200 eur and the fee is 4 eur.

CoinMeGood: bobdoe, thanks I called and they said to close my polo account asap.SaltTheSnail: I would like to welcome Wall Street to the trollbox, welcome to the new age.FatAlbert: ivicavra, or missing on LTC when they hit 40 and I had 2500 of them.Watchtower: Juan1Ponce1De1Leon, Your comment is nothing but instilling fear.lets not make people make wrong decisions please.

Watchtower: gerryboy101, Lets not start cheerleading any coin in the box please.Guccimang: Multiplexity, Yea, I had quite a bunch, started selling at 0.001. Foolish me.SouthEth: RussianFriend, spewing fear only shows your lack of intelligence to invest properly.RussianFriend: SouthEth, shilling doesnt fake the null transactional volume.Squidlings: KinderChocolate, the market depth, the big green orders side.Smooth0n3: hard to be civil when you cant even rely on a tarde to go thru in a timely manner.Banhammer: trololtrade and thebird banned for 1 hours and 1 minutes by Watchtower.

Physicians that have examined Awkal during the last 20 years have had varying takes on his mental health, but a few things are for certain: he definitely has tried to regularly correspond with Presidents George W.SouthEth: Conradhann1, there are good training videos how to use margin, learn first cause margins are dangerous for new traders.More bagging than unbaggin at the moment it seems so thats good.LordOfTheCrypto: FatAlbert, lisk has some great things in the works.JDM: Watchtower, yep farm family we hunted morel mushrooms YUM beefsteak mushrooms yumm.Shinn: rfcdejong, something about a release in april.but they will say more about it within the next 24 hours.Xr1977: Watchtower, I feel sorry for you guys.4k extra users online constantly xD.Leathan has been testing out his own Bitcointalk marking integration and someone was asking about how it was supposed to work in that thread: dude offering advice for btc. that should be bannable offense.

This time there are sufficient loan offers at the higher than 0.2 rates to take.Banhammer: tregismoreira banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.NooberDog: peaksands, probably not likely with this new bitcoin drama unfortunately lol.Zchuren: thunderwolf, almost 3 yearss lol and i just turned 21 so im borderline suicidal.Drez: Now the big coins are stagnant today, and the sh--tcoins are pumping.Bigolas: theBunk, Support are aware and working on it, thankyou for your patience.Juan1Ponce1De1Leon: Logicaluser, now dash is coming for btc good move id say.