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Now the 5 bitshares is gone from my bitshares balance, plus the fee.

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His reaction was applauded by the community and played a great role in reducing the reputation damage to Poloniex. The exchange has. Awaiting Approval for a.Made an exchange on shapeshift with a random destination tag. member Python API of GET functions for Shapeshift. The status is still awaiting confirmation.ShapeShift - Crypto Exchange: Android app (3.6 ★, 100,000+ downloads) → ORDER ISSUES OR QUESTIONS? Please refer to our Youtube video and customer support.

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Pending confirmations turned green and it said "awaiting exchange" for over 6 hours before reading failed transaction. ShapeShift had announced that transactions were.

ShapeShift will generate a bitcoin deposit address for you (this is the I use shapeshift to exchange BTC coin,. FAQs My order is "awaiting exchange".So I am transferring some BTC to my newly installed Ethereum Wallet and it was accepted almost straight away as the 'Awaiting Deposit' turned green with a tick but it.Poloniex the only exchange that offers this correct. Aug 10, 2015. using shapeshift to convert litecoin to xrp but its still "Awaiting Deposit" its been about 15.

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shapeshift fees, shapeshift bitcoin, shapeshift with me, shapeshift js, shapeshift alternative, shapeshift synonym, shapeshift awaiting exchange,.Do you agree with's TrustScore?. Reviews. I sent BTC before 6 days but they are still showing "awaiting deposit''.Just type shapeshiftio into the address field in the bitshares client, then in the memo field just paste in the shiftnnnnnnnnnnnnn number.

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New submitter psnyder shares a report from CoinDesk: [The patent] outlined a potential cryptocurrency exchange system that would convert one digital currency into.Shifty Button | ShapeShift Cryptocurrency Exchange Button Reddit/r/ShapeShift; … Button. Allow your business’s website that accepts Bitcoin payments or deposits.I just now, about 2 minutes ago got a reply from Jon at shapeshift, in his email reply to me he says.

ShapeShift gives you access to dozens of cryptocoins without creating an account. Menu. Orders that are “awaiting exchange” have been received,.

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Do you agree with's TrustScore?. Reviews. This is by far the worst exchange I have ever used,.

Jaxx Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin Cash. with the iOS version still awaiting approval. and Shapeshift exchange is just one domain name used to promote Bitcoin. is not an official website. Adds NXT to Its Platform – Bitcoin Isle

Please send all your cooperation proposals to [email protected] and we’ll consider it.Awaiting Deposit; Awaiting Exchange; Complete; Destination. Deposit Limit. Exchange Rate. Deposit Minimum. Deposit Maximum. Powered by stack exchange communities. Why can't I use the 'await' operator within the body of a lock statement?. Awaiting inside a lock is a recipe for producing.

Bitcoin to Ether conversion problem (shapeshift). Please get in contact with shapeshift as they are able to trace and recover any funds. Awaiting Exchange.yesterday,at I. I am very concerned because i have 4 trades in a status of "awaiting exchange" at Shapeshift. SCAM WEBSITE.My exchange stucked on "Awaiting Exchange" (like 2 hours now) and my Sync stucked at the same time (19%). newest shapeshift questions feed 15.Gatecoin is a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange based in Hong Kong. Trade BTC and ETH worldwide with USD, EUR and HKD.

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It took 30 seconds or so, but now bitshares client no longer says Pending.

No account needed. Make instant exchange of All Top. BitPayment is a project powered by submitting orders, and awaiting withdrawals.As such, nobody can speak with authority in the name of Bitcoin.